Top 7 things YOU NEED for your website.

Websites are a core part of your business and at Peige 360 we want to help ensure that your website is the best for you!

The first thing you need for your website is a good brand identity.
Once you have established this, you will be able to clearly define the other aspects of your website.

The second MUST-HAVE for your website is

Clearly defined, relatable and concise content. It must be carefully thought out and well planned. Using a keyword planner like googles keyword planner can boost your site, and ensure you are using keywords that relate to what your business is selling.

A modern design is the third aspect to take into consideration, this not only is to keep your business on trend but also defines the usability of the website flow, allowing your business to look trendy and not outdated.

Carefully thought out “call to action” or “CTA’s” is the fourth element to have on your website, by keeping it simple and on point, this helps the user make a more informed decision on what the next step to take while on your website. Another important thing to take note of is to always make sure the call to action is linked to the correct pages you want the user to land on. Examples would be a “CALL US NOW” button or a “CONTACT US”.

Number Five. Quality images with the appropriate sizing and alt text. Alt-text is a fail-safe to let the user know what the image is and when it didn’t load correctly. Good quality images will not only make your website stand out but also your business products.

Our sixth must-have is a mobile friendly and responsive design, this means that your website should look good on other devices and screen sizes as well. For example, on a mobile screen, the columns and content are must be aligned, your images should display the correct sizes, and nothing should be overlapping or displaying incorrectly. Here at Peige 360, We also offer website hosting from R300pm, including monthly maintenance. We ensure that both your mobile and browser site is perfect and in sync!

Lastly, your contact forms should only display the relevant fields for the information you want to collect from the potential customer, not forgetting to include a custom checkbox that confirms that the user submitting the information understands your sites terms and conditions as per the POPI act. This is important to avoid legal complications.

In short, your website is the online face of your business and your always online sales person, so you should take utmost care in carefully, crafting and designing the content..

Peige 360 offers every client a unique and responsive website for every client, chat to us today about creating a unique website for your business.

Email us at and check out oin Facebook!

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